TalenTrust Offers Expanded Services

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TalenTrust is thrilled to announce expanded services that go well beyond strategic recruitment. Our aim: help our clients Solve the People Puzzle™ so you can you find, keep, and grow the best people.

We now bring expertise, creativity, and execution to all the interrelated facets of the work environment. In partnership with TalenTrust, you will develop an intentional culture with aligned and engaged people who are excited to contribute and help you realize your organization’s vision.

Solutions: The People Puzzle 

People Puzzle Gap Analysis
A comprehensive company, culture, and process session with the TalenTrust team identifies root causes of problems relating to your people. From an objective viewpoint, we recommend specific strategies and next steps to successfully reach your goals through your investment in the right people and culture.

Cultural Alignment and Engagement Strategies
TalenTrust conducts assessments of employee engagement and perceptions of their workplace experience. We create a strategy for you to cultivate an intentional culture—one aligned with your vision for the company—so you can attract employees who fit, are energized and productive, and stay on board as your company evolves.

TalenTrust uses assessment tools as reliable benchmarks to identify characteristics of each candidate and how they match to those required for a specific position in your company. You’ll understand the thinking and behavioral style required for success and whether you have the right people in the right roles to do their jobs well.

Outsourced Strategic Recruiting
TalenTrust sources and engages candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit, which will increase engagement and retention while reducing turnover at your organization. We build you a pipeline of qualified candidates so you’ll choose from the best people now and in the future.

Compensation Analysis
TalenTrust analyzes your compensation practices and provides essential data and market insight to ensure you remain competitive in a tight labor market, so you attract and retain the best talent.

Behavioral Interviewing
For consistency in evaluating candidates, TalenTrust provides you with an internal script and common language around the outcome of the interview. We help you define what “great” looks like and put metrics and a process around it, so everyone across your organization will be well-prepared for interviews and have the confidence to hire effectively for a high return on your human capital investment.

TalenTrust collaborates with your internal teams to develop an effective, 90-day onboarding plan for new hires, which ensures consistent, high-quality first impressions, assimilation, and shorter time to productivity. Laying the foundation for your new employee’s success is an insurance policy that protects your investment and is an indicator of future engagement and alignment with your company culture.

System and Processes for Efficiency
TalenTrust evaluates and then develops efficient, effective internal people processes that save you time and money.  At the same time, these operational and often technological efficiencies ensure the highest-quality attraction, engagement and recruitment environment for executives, human resources professionals, hiring managers and candidates.

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