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Embracing Women at Work: DU’s ABLE for Women—a clearing house to start or grow a business

It’s astounding what people can accomplish when they get the right support, something that women in business still lack—even in the 21st Century. It’s for this reason that The Women’s College at the University of Denver is announcing The Center for the Advancement of Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ABLE) for Women this fall—the first such […]

Yogi Berra was right about the future: It definitely ain’t what it used to be

Jun 28, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: company culture

Is your company open to, and ready to plan for a compelling future? Speed is your best future friend, so make its acquaintance now.

What if you could measure integrity?

Ah, but you can—and do it before you hire By Kathleen Quinn Votaw What do you do with an employee who takes a few pens or paper clips home now and again? What about someone who’s chronically late to work … and the person who’s prone to emotional outbursts? Each of these employees is a […]

What Do You Honor? (April 2011)

“Create a community around core values and everything else will come,” advises Kent Thiry, who spoke recently at Denver’s Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). Instead of focusing on revenues, he says, focus on your leadership behaviors and honoring the behaviors that demonstrate your company values. For example, if you honor the value of being on time, you’ll find that everyone is on time.

Mortal Blow #5: Losing Sight of Your Vision and What Made you Great

Mar 24, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

The collective behaviors, assumptions and values that make up an organization’s culture are often unconscious. They’re also extensive and enduring, so they matter in getting you to your target. Your culture is what made you what you are. Is it what you want to be? And, more important, is it supporting you in achieving your vision?

Mortal Blow #4: Tolerating an Elitist Senior Team

Mar 16, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Elitists tend to believe that their natural talents determine success. They prefer to be right than listen to feedback or make adjustments; and they are rigid and controlling. As a result, elitist teams produce cultures that lack trust, collaboration and accountability; and where adversarial interactions and relationships are common. Employees flounder without positive role models or a clear path to success.

Mortal blow #3: Mistaking Activity for Results

Mar 07, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

You measure success by results, which are achieved when people are held accountable for achieving them, not always by how they go about it. When you confuse activity with results you may be making breathtakingly costly mistakes for your business.

Mortal blow #2: Choosing Managers Who Can’t Lead

Mar 01, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Leadership, which is at the heart people skills, can be learned. Every one of your managers needs to be trained in core leadership skills such as communication, planning and goal-setting, delegating, and resolving conflict.

5 Mortal Blows Guaranteed to Kill Your Culture

It takes just one leader modeling the “wrong” values to undermine not only your culture but your financial success. Study after study shows that companies with senior leadership teams that are in full alignment with their organization’s mission, vision and values create cultures where employees can perform at their best and toward a common purpose. There is no better way to build a competitive advantage and differentiate your brand.

Hire Right, Fire Fast: Facing Up to Hiring Mistakes

Hire Right, Fire Fast~ Facing Up to Hiring Mistakes ~ December, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Of course you want the best talent available for your business, with the characteristics and personality that fit your culture. Hiring the “right” people is critical to every organization. In a recession the stakes are even higher: every smart […]

Curiosity Kills the Cat But Wins the Customer

Dec 28, 2010 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Curiosity kills the cat but wins the customer ~ November, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw If you’re searching online for a blind date, you can narrow the field demographically to, let’s say, people between age 35 and 45 who live in Denver. And you can take a peek at the all-important photograph. But is that […]

Ready to Return to Robust Growth!- Thoughts on Jack Daly’s Six Principles

Ready to return to robust growth! ~ October, 2010 Thoughts on Jack Daly’s six principles I have to tell you, I’m done with the “new normal.” Let’s get back to business! It was in this state of mind that I recently attended a Colorado CEO Forum where I had the good fortune to hear speaker/author/trainer/coach […]

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