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How to Make Future-Focused Decisions

Dec 28, 2010 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

How to make future-focused decisions ~ September, 2010 A district manager for Starbucks noticed that she was losing customers in her stores. She checked out her competition and found that they were offering sweetened coffee drinks, not offered by Starbucks. She listened to her customers who asked, “Why can’t we get the same kind of […]

Why Training Should be the Last Thing You Cut

Why training should be the last thing you cut ~ August, 2010 An organization I’m familiar with anticipated doubling its size within a year and, in order to manage the change that growth would bring, put in a new layer of management. Five vice presidents were installed, all of them promoted from within. Rather than […]

Trust Me, 100 Percent

Dec 28, 2010 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Trust me – 100 percent~ July, 2010 To paraphrase Jerre Stead, the wise chairman and CEO of IHS, Inc., one of Colorado’s largest and most successful global companies: When you operate with 100 percent trust, great people do great things. Leaders who earn the right to say “trust me” get that extra push in performance […]

The Courage to Believe in Your People: Your One Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The courage to believe in your people: Your one sustainable competitive advantage ~ June, 2010 Most of us don’t have the courage to do what Nordstrom did. For many years, this was all that employees received in the way of an employee handbook: Rule #1: Use your good judgment in all situations. There will be […]

Wired for Work and Wired for Wisdom: Why you need both kinds of brains in your business

Wired for work and wired for wisdom: Why you need both kinds of brains in your business ~ May, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw For the first time there are four generations in the workplace—and two of them are often maligned: the Boomers and Millennials, some of the oldest and the youngest in the workforce. […]

The Secret Behind Living Your Brand

The secret behind living your brand ~ April, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw The statistics on why companies lose customers haven’t changed for years. Is anyone listening? A full 68 percent of customers who leave are turned away, not by dissatisfaction with the product, but by the indifferent attitude of a single employee. All the […]

The Triple Bottom Line and Talent Management

The triple bottom line and talent management ~ March, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Leading authors are writing about it; conferences are featuring it; and many are calling on corporations to report on it. The triple bottom line—people, profits and planet—has unofficially become a leading indicator. Rather than being measured solely on profitability, companies, and […]

Culture With a Little C: Don’t let it undermine your business

Culture with a little C: Don’t let it undermine your business – February 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Probably the most common definition of an organization’s culture is “the way we do things around here.” If you’re an executive describing your culture, you’re most likely referring to your mission, vision and values; and your core […]

What Smart Leaders Know About Talent Management and Strategy

What smart leaders know about talent management and strategy – January 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Smart leaders know that strategic hiring and deployment of their top talent are essential to managing risk, achieving business outcomes and ensuring future sustainability. It’s the strength of your people that drives the rise or fall of your business—especially […]

Giving Back: A strategic business investment

Dec 28, 2010 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: company culture

Giving back: a strategic business investment ~ December, 2009 In 2009, TOMS will give away 300,000 pairs of shoes to needy children in eight countries. Every year, employees at Home Depot volunteer seven million hours of service and the company donates millions of dollars in four target areas. The American Reading Company continues to make […]

The Number One Thing That Engages Employees

The number one thing that engages employees ~ November, 2009 Can you succeed in “the great recession” without engaged employees? Maybe, but only if your competitors’ employees aren’t engaged either. Engaged employees’ willingness to give their all is what unlocks the greatest potential for competitive advantage. It’s their attitudes and actions that make the critical […]

Talent Management Merits Your Board’s Full Attention

Dec 28, 2010 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: talent management

Talent Management Merits Your Board’s Full Attention ~ October, 2009 Most boards focus on annual budgets and financial outcomes, often limiting their involvement in talent management to recruiting and hiring a CEO and managing his or her performance. Successful organizations know that’s not enough. Talent is typically the largest single line item in an annual […]

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