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Resolve to value the things you can’t measure-like people

In the age of the internet, we think we’re pretty unique when it comes to dealing with big change. But did you know that the quote, ‘The only thing that is constant is change,’ was first said in about 500 BC by Heraclitus of Ephesus? The reality is that from fire to Facebook, “we the […]

Exit autopilot and hit refresh

We regularly refresh our memories, our screens, our drinks… Too often we let our relationships drift into autopilot, especially our closest ones. This is the time of year we start thinking about what we’ll do better to improve our lives next year. Lose ten pounds and get more exercise are at the top of many […]

Gratefulness and Grace. A short letter of Thanksgiving.

Nov 17, 2017 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs, Vistage

All year long, I dig in and drive TalenTrust to the next goal. A good trait in some ways, but it often makes me forget to slow down and remember all of the meaningful things I’ve done in my life so far, the wonderful people who’ve taught me along the way, and how much fun […]

Do you have the right people to meet your 2018 goals?

Do you have the right people to meet your 2018 goals? Ask yourself these questions… Do we have a culture by default or do we have a culture by design? That’s the first in a list of questions whose answers may well determine your future success. If you hope to meet your goals in 2018 […]

A Wakeup Call to Middle Market Companies

  New National Report Outlines How to Find and Develop the Talent You Need to Grow  Talent management issues like recruiting, training, and retention top the list of challenges middle market companies continue to face. There’s work to do, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take control. The acute workforce challenges you […]

How to make workplace diversity happen with big benefits

  One of the many factors that the best and brightest weigh before accepting your job offer is the level of diversity in your company. The candidates you want most on your team understand that the highest performing, most engaging companies are some of the most diverse. And that’s where they choose to work. In […]

Building a killer culture for generations B to Z

If you’re thinking “enough about the five generations in the workplace” you’ll be wise to think again (and again) about how you can prepare and thrive as Gen-Y (Millennials) and Gen-Z replace retiring Baby Boomers. Ignoring differences in generational expectations and preferences is no longer an option. Strategically developing a culture and policies that embrace […]

It takes a strong head – big heart leader

    We could argue forever about whether great leaders are born or made, or about whether a benevolent dictator or laissez-faire leadership style is more likely to create success. What matters most about leaders today, though, is that they have both a strong head and a big heart. That’s what it will take to […]

Why Don’t We All Just Be Nice?

  Requiring people to be nice to each other shows pure business acumen. There’s an enormous cost associated with incivility at work and tremendous benefit that comes with respectful behaviors. This means that, even without considering workplace humanity, if you refuse to tolerate insensitivity, your company’s performance and profitability will inevitably grow. Everyone in your […]

The Man from Mayo

  My dad would be pissed if I didn’t keep going. You have to keep going … His death a few weeks ago is a first for our family and we know we have been blessed in that way. We’re still adjusting to our loss of this ordinary and extraordinary man who immigrated from County […]

Championships Are Won at Practice—in Baseball and Business: Equip Your Managers with the Tools for Successful Hiring

  You wouldn’t send your kid off to join Little League without at least buying a mitt and tossing a ball around in the backyard a few times first. You might even take in a game or two together so you could share that special baseball spirit while you explain the nuances of the game. […]

How do you define your People Puzzle? Look for the answer in a Gap Analysis.

  Too often, people are an afterthought in the planning process. Just as you gauge your capabilities and needs for things like equipment, suppliers, facilities, and finances, you should consider whether you have the right people on board to meet your business objectives. In fact, there’s nothing more important. A “people puzzle” gap analysis is […]

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