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How many planes do women have to fly?

Myths about women probably started about the time of Adam and Eve, creating dilemmas and dichotomies of every sort ever since. Women’s History Month, marking its 30th year, is a prime example of our persistent issues around women. Every March, we honor women for their achievements, which are easily as substantial as men’s. At the […]

Don’t Trust Your Gut—Assess and Be Sure

  Your people are your greatest assets, and the people you hire to create and manage all of your other assets. Thinking about it in this way, who can argue that there is anything more important to your business than who you hire? It used to be that we chose candidates based strictly on their […]

Onboarding—A Vital Piece of the People Puzzle

  Let me give you a few facts about onboarding: Unproductive employees who do not understand their jobs cost companies in the US and UK about $37 billion a year. Standard onboarding processes increase new hire productivity by 54 percent and retention by 50 percent. 35 percent of companies spend $0 on onboarding. These statistics […]

Two Key Trends: Going Digital and Being Human

Over the past few years, workplaces have been gradually trending in two seemingly opposite directions: becoming increasingly digital and, at the same time, more employee friendly. Except for the most forward-thinking among us, companies have moved tenuously in experimenting with new policies that would have at one time been considered laughable. These new trends are […]

Oh Yes, You Can!

Dec 05, 2016 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog, Featured 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Do you believe that anything’s possible? Or do you see roadblocks in your way? When you change your predominant mindset from a fixed to a growth orientation, everything in your life—and your business—can change. It’s your choice as to whether you approach things from an “I can’t do it” or from […]

How Haste Can Create Waste in the Hiring Process

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw  So many companies nod knowingly about the importance of values-based hiring, while their actions speak differently. Employers screen for several traits relating to competency and skill, but often overlook those two attributes of greatest importance − character and integrity. Harking back to children’s literature for simple life lessons reminds us of […]

You’re not still asking those weird interview questions (are you?)

by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Because Google started asking quirky interview questions a few years ago, so did just about everyone else. Google soon realized that the answers to questions like, “How many golf balls can you fit in an airplane?” are a waste of time, serving only to make the hiring manager feel smart and […]

Do Ask, Do Tell

Most bosses are shocked when an employee presents them with a two-week notice. In particular, those who manage from the boardroom commonly just assume that staff are happy, fulfilled, and feel fortunate to work for their company. While employees may appear engaged, the truth is a good number of them are not happy, as reported […]

The ageless workplace: let’s rebrand retirement

by Kathleen Quinn Votaw “I’m 55-years-old … do you think they’ll hire me?” asked the candidate tenuously. “Why wouldn’t they hire you? You’ve got the credentials,” I assured him. But I knew he had a point. Many candidates and companies burden themselves with filters that cripple their mutual opportunity. Luckily, in this case an enlightened […]

Dare To Be Vulnerable as a Workplace Leader

Sep 20, 2016 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

 ~ Why not always knowing can be the right answer – September 2016 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw   Most of us struggle with vulnerability, viewing it as weakness. After all, as humans, we inherently fear failure and rejection. But when we dissect the word’s definition – beyond defenseless and exposed − we find that vulnerability […]

The Importance of Core Values and Cultural Alignment in Hiring

Why character and values should be stressed ~ September 2016 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Companies that look for strong character and values in potential candidates tend to be the most successful. For many of us, this thinking contradicts everything we’ve been taught about how to hire or become gainfully employed. We invest in higher education […]

Post & Pray—widely used and useless

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw “Post & pray” may have been a good way to get what you wanted from Santa Claus, but if your company is still using it as a hiring strategy, as many do, it’s time to grow up. Posting your open positions and praying that the right person finds you rarely works—especially […]

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