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Where’s the vision when you’re far from the front line?

Operational excellence and reality By Kathleen Quinn Votaw If you asked various people in your organization what your vision is, what would they say? Would the same big picture roll off the tongues of each person like it did when you were a startup? Or would you hear disparate and unrecognizable descriptions that have never […]

The saga and success of high-growth companies

Jul 23, 2014 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Tips on how to make it over the hump to the 2nd stage By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Every June, for six years, 50 Colorado companies have been recognized for their success—in dollar terms, representing more than $600 million to our state’s economy in 2014 alone. Celebrating the success of these companies is tremendous fun in […]

How do you choose to respond?

May 29, 2014 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

The power of a positive attitude Most of us have nothing much to complain about. But, in all honesty, does even a day go by when you don’t find yourself moaning about something? Rather than being grateful for all of the gifts we have, we often let some relatively small thing, like a disparaging comment […]

Don’t lead with your head down

Look up and out for inspiration by Kathleen Quinn Votaw I wish every business leader could have been with me earlier this month for a powerful week of being inspired. Too many of us bury our heads in our offices and miss out on the growth and innovation that come with simply being “out there.” […]

Who’s teaching our kids and minding the store?

Mar 26, 2014 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Two stories that will make you wonder By Kathleen Quinn Votaw  I’m not a helicopter parent hovering over my thirteen-year-old son to make sure he does everything the “right” way. But I know that John’s a good kid. He communicates in more than grunts, doesn’t lie and gets good grades. He’s accountable for what he […]

Does your company have a dream?

Tie it to your vision, mission and values By Kathleen Quinn Votaw  If employees are even aware of their company’s vision, they often say they don’t understand it—in spite of the fact that most CEOs say that they have a clear vision and often talk it up to employees. Vision, along with mission and values, […]

Trends for 2014

It’s time to grow again by Kathleen Quinn Votaw After six years of being in what Dr. Seuss calls “the waiting place,” it’s time to escape into brighter places—and hire the right people to take us there. “Optimistic” and “hopeful” are again included in economists’ vocabulary, including Alan Beaulieu’s, President ITR Economics™, who says in […]

Choose customers like you choose your friends

Intimate customer relationships last a lifetime By Kathleen Quinn Votaw The great thing about close friends is that you share a certain level of intimacy. You can say almost anything and they’ll understand. If you have a problem, they’ll help you solve it. If they see you headed in a wrong direction, they’ll help you […]

The courage to aim your vision high

Creating abundance and companies with longevity by Kathleen Quinn Votaw “People will break stuff; learn to forgive them.” That was just one piece of wisdom that Bud Ahearn, retired Vice Chairman of CH2M HILL and former Air Force Major General, offered to a small gathering of riveted CEOs recently. I was lucky enough to be […]

Do you interview and hire for core values?

How do employees and candidates experience your company? I hope your answer is “through our values” because that’s the only way to ensure that your people and culture are aligned and on a secure path to success. Most companies proudly post their values on their website, but for many that’s about as far as it […]

Ten lessons from outside the bottom-line mentality

Oct 01, 2013 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Reflections on my 10th anniversary as CEO By Kathleen Quinn Votaw What is it about decades that make people reflect on the past and ponder the future? Although I can’t answer the question, I find myself in that space as I reach the ten-year mark as founder and leader of my company. When I think […]

What happens when we unplug and recharge?

Aug 30, 2013 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments

The benefits of vacations are highly underrated By Kathleen Quinn Votaw This August I escaped for an entire week. I turned off my computer and left it on the desk, flew to the Caribbean with my family, and locked my cell phone in the hotel’s safe.  For days, I didn’t think about anything but scheduling […]

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