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The Lucky People Who Give Back: Life’s most important lesson for graduates

Jul 30, 2012 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” It’s a common theme that you may have read in the Bible or the famous John F. Kennedy speech, or quite possibly heard it in a commencement address. I heard it most recently in the Chief of Navy Chaplains, Captain Johnny W. […]

When Leading Becomes an Event…you’re not paying enough attention to your people

Jun 29, 2012 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Just how valuable is it anyway to be one of the 10 most interesting CEOs on Twitter? It may not stroke a CEO’s ego to say this, but good leaders are more interested than interesting. I heard Curt Coffman, author of First Break All the Rules, make that point recently and have been pondering it […]

Climb the Career Ladder or Perch in a Tree: It’s not always about promotion

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw It’s time we start thinking beyond promotion as the only way to climb the career ladder. The reality is, we’ve lost nine million jobs in the past few years; and it’s looking like many of the new jobs being created will be at the top and the bottom of skill sets, […]

Gettin’ Good People to Play Together: Compete or collaborate—make a conscious choice

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Collaboration is on my mind. I was recently in a room with a group of business owners, all wanting to build growing relationships with similar sized clients. It made me wonder what they were each thinking. Did they want to connect with these potential competitors? Or did they feel like running […]

Cash in on a Crazy Idea: But you’ll need help from the right people

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Think of a crazy idea that everyone says will never work and prove everybody wrong by creating a successful business out of it. That’s the all-American story—and one we never tire of hearing. Joe Assell, co-founder of GolfTEC, was told repeatedly that his model for teaching golf was doomed to failure. […]

The Power of Crazy Good Perks: Unlimited vacation days for Employees? Think about it…

Would you give employees unlimited vacation days? Crazy-good perks are powerful. By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Are you a dinosaur if you still count employee vacation days? You may be soon. What about $3,000 subsidies for hybrid cars? Botox injections and tans? Subsidized childcare and summer camps? Life coaches? Allowing new mothers to bring their babies […]

No More Waiting: Go For It Now!

We’ve been waiting since about 2007. It’s time to stop waiting and go for it. If your business isn’t ready to expand and grow now, you risk losing out on top talent because your competition isn’t waiting. They’re snapping up the best of the best right now. If you’re looking for a new job, it’s […]

The Courage to Say Love in the Workplace: (and create sustainable profitability)

The father of two sons became suddenly, and terminally, ill. One son works for a company that gave him a day off to attend his father’s funeral. The other son works for New Belgium Brewing. He got three weeks off to spend with his father before he died. That’s love in the workplace. Love (acts […]

Shoot for the Moon and Other Values to Live By

Nov 14, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

Shoot for the moon and other values to live by: Lessons I’ve learned from John, John and John… By Kathleen QuinnVotaw John, my father, is an Irish immigrant who used to tell me every night at dinner, “Shoot for the moon honey; if you only get halfway there I’ll be proud of you.” His father, […]

How Steve Jobs got the A+ players and kept them:

How Steve Jobs got the A+ players and kept them:The genius who knew it was all about the people By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Steve Jobs’ creative brilliance went beyond designing products. He applied his perfectionism equally to designing his team. Let me quote him on something I’ve been telling my clients for years: “Recruiting is […]

A Simple Matter of Respect: How to get it and give it

Oct 03, 2011 by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Category: Blog 0 comments Tags: leadership/CEOs

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw It starts when you’re a kid. You fall down, scrape your knee and cry—and some well-meaning adult says, “That didn’t hurt.” It continues as you grow older and lose the championship game…or your first love…or a dream job…and what sustenance do you get to recover your self-esteem? Probably a comment like, […]

The Great “Aha!” in Hiring: Culture and Character First, Competency Second

Most businesses are founded on a new or better idea and a hope and a prayer. Unlike Cochlear Americas (, they don’t have the benefit of: A product that will fundamentally change peoples’ lives Hundreds of thousands of prospective customers worldwide in a market guaranteed to grow A built-in mission that evokes passion in employees […]

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