It Doesn’t Pay To Be Cheap

If there is one word that cuts through the complexity of employee compensation, it’s fairness. Fair pay for the actual work, and fair pay in relation to colleagues and market expectations. There are many reasons to make fairness the cornerstone of your compensation philosophy and practices, not the least of which are an increased ability […]

Culture + employment brand = talent advantage

  Culture permeates every workplace, but it’s invisible if you don’t pay attention to it. How would you describe yours? Would employees say the same? Becoming a “best” company, “cool” company, or whatever you want to be, will not happen by default. You have to make it happen based on your particular mix of values, […]

Why you need a strategic HR

Until now, high-level strategy meetings ended with an afterthought something like “…and, oh yea, we better tell HR …” HR was traditionally seen as a cost center, relegated to administrative and transactional back-room responsibilities like finding and training employees when needed and managing employee benefits and compliance. HR expert, Dr. Christopher Lee, uses his proudly […]

CEOs list Talent as #1 Concern for 2018

Hiring in 2018? You are not alone! Vistage Reports that CEO optimism has reached historic levels, and the percentage of CEOs (72%) planning to expand their workforce in the coming year is the highest in the 12-year history of the survey. The December 2017 Vistage Confidence Index survey captured input from 1,377 SMB CEOs on […]

Exit autopilot and hit refresh

We regularly refresh our memories, our screens, our drinks… Too often we let our relationships drift into autopilot, especially our closest ones. This is the time of year we start thinking about what we’ll do better to improve our lives next year. Lose ten pounds and get more exercise are at the top of many […]

How to make workplace diversity happen with big benefits

  One of the many factors that the best and brightest weigh before accepting your job offer is the level of diversity in your company. The candidates you want most on your team understand that the highest performing, most engaging companies are some of the most diverse. And that’s where they choose to work. In […]

Why Don’t We All Just Be Nice?

  Requiring people to be nice to each other shows pure business acumen. There’s an enormous cost associated with incivility at work and tremendous benefit that comes with respectful behaviors. This means that, even without considering workplace humanity, if you refuse to tolerate insensitivity, your company’s performance and profitability will inevitably grow. Everyone in your […]

Don’t Trust Your Gut—Assess and Be Sure

  Your people are your greatest assets, and the people you hire to create and manage all of your other assets. Thinking about it in this way, who can argue that there is anything more important to your business than who you hire? It used to be that we chose candidates based strictly on their […]

Do Ask, Do Tell

Most bosses are shocked when an employee presents them with a two-week notice. In particular, those who manage from the boardroom commonly just assume that staff are happy, fulfilled, and feel fortunate to work for their company. While employees may appear engaged, the truth is a good number of them are not happy, as reported […]

The Importance of Core Values and Cultural Alignment in Hiring

Why character and values should be stressed ~ September 2016 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Companies that look for strong character and values in potential candidates tend to be the most successful. For many of us, this thinking contradicts everything we’ve been taught about how to hire or become gainfully employed. We invest in higher education […]