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Talent & Culture Briefing Series


December 6th at 7:30 AM – Mountain
Strategic Recruitment Defined
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At TalenTrust, we advise our clients to treat recruitment as a sales process and a strategic priority. HR thought-leader John Sullivan states: strategic recruiting is an approach to winning the best talent based on three components: employer branding, recruitment-directed marketing, and skilled selling. Combined, these components create effective responses to dynamic market conditions in support of an organization’s strategic objectives. During this webinar, we’ll outline nine guidelines to consider in developing or enhancing your recruiting strategy.


High Potential Talent: Leaders for Today and Tomorrow
Presented by Special Guest Mark Heydt, Game Plan Leader, LLC
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Do all transformational ideas and all company decisions come from the top? It is time to get your high potential leaders involved. High potential leaders produce outstanding results and display growing leadership skills. As they gain responsibility and authority, they need to intentionally develop their leadership skills and gain clarity on what you expect of them as leaders. Join us as we discuss how to develop high potential leaders now.

A Simple Framework for Turning Employee Feedback into Profit
Presented by Special Guests Cody Lamens, Head of Sales at TINYpulse, and Andrew Sumitani, Director of Marketing at TINYpulse
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Did you know the idea for the Frappuccino came from a Starbucks barista? A $4 billion product emerged by simply listening for actionable feedback from frontline employees. Your employees offer a wealth of solutions too. Solutions that impact productivity, engagement, and culture. But it’s on you to build systems that help you continuously collect and use that feedback. It’s on you to synthesize, take action, and share accomplishments with the team. Join this session to learn the framework that has helped over 1,000 companies turn Human Resources into a measurable profit center.

Don’t Be Cheap
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6 in 10 companies expect to boost wages this year. How about you? Too many busy employers develop their compensation policies, then put them on a shelf and forget about them. You can’t afford to do that in this competitive talent market. If you don’t regularly review and compare what you offer, you won’t know where you stand – and it could be costly to wait for the market to tell you.

When you make pay equity a priority, you’ll see engagement levels rise by 13% and productivity levels increase by 19%, on average. Register today for our next Monthly Talent & Culture Briefing, and you’ll gain insight on compensation trends, including 3 ways your pay policies may cause employee turnover.

A Case Study in Corporate Culture
Guest: Vincent Arnette, The CFO Center
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At TalenTrust, we advise executives that they must first cultivate an intentional culture before they can expect to attract and retain top talent. Most executives agree that corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates. While 86% of business leaders rate “culture” as one of the most urgent issues, only 15% say their own corporate culture is exactly where it needs to be. Join us for a case study on corporate culture, presented by Vincent Arnette of The CFO Center. He’ll outline how and why his firm has worked to develop a culture by design, vs a culture by default.

Focus on Retention Over Recruiting
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Talent management has become much like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it. More than 70 percent of small- to medium-sized businesses plan to add headcount this year. While you’re out there competing for new hires, 3 in 4 of your existing employees are either open to or actively pursuing new job opportunities. To overcome these dual challenges, smart employers are developing new strategies to find and keep their top people. Business leaders are shifting priorities to focus on retention and internal hiring. Join us to hear more about how to develop and execute on these critical talent management strategies.

The Value of Strategic HR
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Strategic talent decisions are pivotal to sustainable success. After years of hearing author Jim Collins tell us that you have to “get the right people on the bus,” companies are recognizing that HR strategies are what attract and retain the right people. Historically, HR has been relegated to the back room. Increasingly, HR leaders are assuming more strategic roles at the side of CEOs and on boards—and it’s paying off. Join us to hear more about the evolving and more strategic role of HR, including what it looks like and why it’s important.

Culture is Cornerstone
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Culture is like air – it’s everywhere yet invisible. When harnessed correctly, corporate culture can turn into a tailwind of progress instead of a headwind of obstruction. How effective is your corporate culture? What can you do to enhance it and leverage it, to recruit and retain top talent? We’ll offer insight from our 2018 Hiring Guide and focus on cultural elements for every workplace generation—Millennials and beyond.

5 Key Strategies to Find & Keep Top Talent
Special Guest: Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer, Vistage
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As detailed in the Vistage eBrief, SMB CEO Projections for 2018, a tight labor market, coupled with expectations for increased hiring, means that recruiting and retaining top talent will be increasingly difficult in 2018. Galvin says, “While adding headcount is essential to growth, retaining, developing and engaging existing talent is critical. It forms a foundation for adding new people. Just as you are looking for the best talent, so is everyone else — and they are looking at your people, too.” During this briefing, Galvin shares extensive research and sound advice, including five key strategies for recruitment and retention, as outlined in his recent article for Inc. Magazine.

2018 Hiring Guide – Trends in Organization Structure & Technology
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This month, we focus on 2 key trends within our 2018 Hiring Guide: organization structure and technology. We’ll offer valuable insight on the following: 1. Organization Structure: Throw formality out the window and 2. Technology: Digital DNA reinvents HR and drives out bias.

Growth & Talent in the Middle Market
Special Guest: Thomas A. Stewart – Executive Director, National Center for the Middle Market
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In Q4 of 2017, middle market companies reported accelerated revenue growth, moderate employment growth and peak levels of confidence in local, national and global economies. Stewart unveils 4Q 2017 Middle Market Indicator data and shares his insight on growth and talent. As the labor market tightens, talent continues to be the #1 long-term challenge middle market executives say they face, and they are putting more resources into addressing the issue.

2018 Hiring Guide: Key Trends & Insight for the Year Ahead
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What can you offer great talent in the year ahead, if you are focused on finding and keeping the best employees? Using the 2018 TalenTrust Hiring Guide, we outline these six factors will be particularly important to address in 2018:

  • Organization Structure
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Recruiting Imperatives
  • Role of HR
  • Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z


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